Monday, August 16, 2010

More Polymer Clay bits!

Well I have carried on making Polymer Clay beads and have decided that my favourite brand of clay is Kato- so cooool!

Here are some beads- the white and brown ones are with Kato...

Amanda xx


  1. They're lovely - I think my favourites are the red-gold beads in the 2nd photo. Although I do love the effects you've got in the last bead as well.

    Glad you've found 'your' clay brand ;)

  2. Oooh thanks Hazel! I have ordered loads more Kato and will probably phase out the others, although I have lots to use up first. x

  3. I love the last one but they are all fab!! I need to experiment with the clays, only used Fimo soft so far but then I have only been dabbling for a few days!!

  4. I would recommend getting a few of each brand and try it out- Kato is smelly and tough to condition but FAB in all other ways. xxx